Shop Somerdale Property Tax Reward Program

What is the Shop Somerdale Property Tax Reward Program?

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This program provides property tax incentives for Somerdale residents to keep their purchasing dollars for goods and services in Somerdale. This is a unique program that is only available in a select few municipalities.

How does the program work?

When you purchase goods or services from a participating Somerdale business, you will receive a credit toward your annual property tax bill or a rebate check if you live in an apartment or do are employed in the town but do not live in Somerdale. The program is open to all property owners, renters and people employed by businesses in the Borough of Somerdale.

The price of your dinner for four people at a restaurant that is participating in the Shop Somerdale program with a 20% program rebate is $100. When paying the bill (either cash or credit card), just present your Shop Somerdale card, which is then swiped.
Approximately $15 ($20 less nominal third- party program management and processing fees) will be applied as a credit against your annual property tax bill. Annually, when the Borough issues its next property tax bill the cumulative transactions will show up as a tax credit, thereby reducing your taxes due. If you rent in Somerdale or are employed by a business in Somerdale, you will receive a rebate check in lieu of a tax credit.

CLICK HERE for a List of Participating Merchants

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