June 22nd the deployment of the new 96-gallon red recycling carts will begin
June 19, 2020

Dear Resident,

Beginning on Monday June 22nd the deployment of the new 96-gallon red recycling carts will begin throughout the town. Schaffer Systems will be delivering one cart to each resident. These carts will have a serial number on it and will be assigned to your address. We recommend keeping the serial number on file and also write your address on the inside of the lid in case in gets moved by the wind. The deployment should be complete by Thursday June 25th.

You are receiving the new 96-gallon recycling cart in anticipation of the new automated recycling collection process. Please watch our webpage and Facebook Page to see exactly when to start using these 96-Gallon Carts.We are hoping to start collecting recycling before August 1st to give our employees some training time in the new equipment before we start with the solid waste collection scheduled to begin August 1st. Please watch our website for any schedule updates or changes in schedule if necessary.

We are in the process of receiving our new trucks and getting them ready for use, they must be titled, tagged, and lettered with all the necessary DMV, and DEP required information before they can be out on the road.

In the meantime, continue to use the regular 32-gallon recycle buckets for the recycling collection on your scheduled collection day (Mon or Wed). 

As soon as we start the use of the 96-gallon carts, the 32-gallon carts will no longer be acceptable to be used for your single stream recycling. The only acceptable carts that will be picked-up are the borough issued red 96-gallon carts. Additional carts may be purchased, if needed – Call 856-783-6320 x-4600

We recommend using the old 32-gallon cans for your yard/vegetative waste disposal. Stickers for these can are available at the municipal building.

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