House Decorating Contest

Enter the Somerdale House Decorating Contest
December 9, 2021

Rules for House Decorating Contest

1.      Participation is open to all residents with the boundaries of the Borough of Somerdale.

2.      Entry is free, no cost or fees apply.

3.      Entry Applications must be received no later than 12 pm on Friday, December 17, 2021. They must be submitted via email to .

4.      The contest is for exterior decoration only, including windows that are visible from the exterior.   Judging will be done from outside the residence only.

5.      Judging will be based on “curb appeal” as viewed from the street only.  Judges will not enter the property to view back or side yards.

6.      Participants agree to have their address posted on the Borough of Somerdale website/Facebook and the Somerdale Voice newsletter.

7.      Participants agree to have one more photos of their decorated residence exterior posted on the Borough of Somerdale website/Facebook page.  Pictures may also be posted in other social media outlets and in local media publications.  Participants agree there will be no compensation of any kind for said posting or publication.

8.      Judging criteria will include (a) Unique design and creative use of lights and decorations; (b) Story-line or theme; (c) Display and placement of decorations; and (d) Overall presentation.

9.      Judging will be done from 6 pm to 9:30 pm on Wednesday, December 22nd.

10.  Participants should ensure that all lights and decorations are in place and activated for the judging period.

11.  No live animal or people in your display.

12.  Winners will be announced December 23, 2021 by 5pm via the Borough of Somerdale Facebook page and email.  

The town will be broken down into three sections.  Section 1-White HorsePike to Voorhees border; Section 2-White Horse Pike to Warwick Road; Section3-Warwick Road to Gloucester Township border. This will offer a 1st, 2nd and 3rdplace winner for each section.  




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