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The Borough provides for curbside pickup by our Public Works Department on designated Thursdays, EAST SIDE (all residents East of Atlantic Avenue heading toward Voorhees) collected on the 1st and 3rd Thursday and WESTSIDE (all residents West of Atlantic Ave. heading toward Gloucester Township) collected on the 2nd and 4th Thursday. For more information about recycling and the guidelines, click here.

Solid Waste

Solid Waste is collected every Tuesday on the EAST SIDE and every Wednesday on the WEST SIDE of town by the Public Works Dept. and must be out by 6:30am. The Borough offers the option to purchase additional trash carts, but if you would like to "borrow" one, that option is available for our residents. If you are new to our community and aren't sure the Do's and Don'ts of our solid waste pick up, please click here. If your trash is not collected, please be patient, they may be running late. If you notice that it is not collected at the end of the day, please call (856) 783-6320 X-4600 with your address. Holidays, please check the collection calendar for your scheduled collection day.

BULK TRASH – is collected on designated Fridays, EAST SIDE 1st& 3rd Friday, WEST SIDE 2nd & 4th Friday. You MUST call to schedule a pick up, (856) 783-6320 X-4600 Click here for Bulk Trash guidelines

Storm Water

What is storm water? Storm water originates from rainfall and other precipitation that runs off of surfaces all over the Borough-rooftops, streets, lawns, etc. Storm water makes its way into natural water sources and takes everything from the Borough surfaces with it into these areas. Learn more on our stormwater page.

Car Wash

When you wash your car on a compacted surface, the run-off containing soap, heavy metals, road grime, greases and oils can enter the storm drains. Unlike sanitary drains, storm water drains run directly into creeks, ponds and lakes. Use a commercial car wash facility or find a grassy area at home to soak up the run-off. Protect our area's natural water resources!

Street Maintenance

Public Works has the responsibility of ensuring the safety and maintaining the condition of all public streets and right-of-ways.

Services provided:

  • Pothole repair
  • Street cleaning
  • Snow and ice removal from streets
  • Leaf collection
  • Storm water drainage
  • Facility maintenance
  • Street improvement projects
  • Workforce projects

Sewer Issues

If you are having a sewer issue during business hours (6:30 am to 2:30 pm, Monday thru Friday) you can call Public Works at (856)783-4648. If you are having an issue after hours, or on a holiday, please call (856) 924-0149. Leave your name and a detailed description of the issue.

My trash wasn't collected.  What should I do?

If you have noticed that your trash wasn't collected, make sure it is at the curb by 6:30am, please be patient, Public Works may be running behind that day. If you happen to notice that at the end of the day that it still has not been picked up, please call 856-783-6320 X-4600. Please check the collection schedule to be sure it is the correct collection day. Holidays, please check the collection schedule for your scheduled collection day in your area.

How do I obtain an additional trash cart or get a loaner cart?

The Borough of Somerdale offers a "loaner" trash cart program or you have the option to purchase an additional cart. For information, you can call(856)783-6320 ext. 4600. Loaner carts are loaned out on a “first requested basis” for one week at a time due to the popularity of the program.

How do I obtain a recycling bucket?

Whether you are a new resident, or would like to purchase an additional recycling cart, or take advantage of a loaner cart, call (856) 783-6320 X-4600 Loaner carts are loaned out on a “first requested basis” for one collection day due to the popularity of the program.

Download all Trash Guidelines and Schedules:

2021 Schedule

Vegetative and Yard Waste

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